Meet a great family in the farm! The farm has new siblings this spring. From these, Ketri is our main character. He is a small wonder. He has a beloved mother guiding him with new life. While Lilly is the girl goat which Ketri enjoys playing around. Tara the horse is a haflinger horse who helps others with his huge mass body. Porky is a good piglet who often follows Ketri and Lilly in joyful games. Only Ketri calls him with a nickname ‘Piggy’. Morgan the donkey is a brave character with many talents. Thomas the dog is the keystone of the farm. He is brave and a good pal. Roberta the cow supplies the milk and gives others cherish moments. Eva, Gerta and Marko are ducklings in the farm. Eva is a snowwhite girl while Marko is a yellow boy, son of Gerta. Gerta teaches Marko swimming in the pond while Eva play with Ketri, Lilly and Porky. Wilma the cat could be the most silent guest of the farm. She generally can not catch any mouse and the farmer does not seem to be happy with that. The old geese Marin and Marina are retired personel of the farm. They make noise and fun all the time. Chickens and the rooster are the letter residents of the farm. Of course there are visitor characters such as the fox Rex, bad wolfwirefoxterrier, crow, and the hedgehogs. You can find the details in Blog posts.