Autumn in Highlandia

Autum is one of the four seasons of a year. September, november and december are its three months. It is a very attractive season in Highlandia. Trees lose their leaves, colours turn into yellow, red and brown. Earth gets ready for winter. Weather gets colder. Rain is often. And guess what! Schools start education in […]

Thomas against Rex

Every year farmer sends the sheep and goats to the highlands with the village’s shepperd. Thomas also keeps guarding the crew from endangers of wolves and foxes. This summer Ketri and the sheep go to the mountains to eat fresh grass and alpine flowers. One has to be alert on the hills as the Rex the […]


1800s Epic Saga of Silver Forest emerges. 2009  The storybook is written after generations passed it through telling children in Marios Renovatio. 2014  Emirson Global Albania LLC invested in start-up and digital sector. An international board started work on a project uniting education and play on new digital technologies under the symbolic subbranch firm ‘Marios […]